Global Business Experiential Marketing Agency in London, UK

Wonder pushes the boundaries of what’s possible across business experiences and B2B marketing. By inspiring big campaign thinking and designing business experiences that are engaging and shareable at every touchpoint. We are a people first agency that delivers campaigns that inspire and delight audiences.

  • Headquartered in London but operating all over the globe, Wonder’s work spans all business touchpoints from live events, staff engagement strategy, logo-to-live brand playbooks, sponsorship activation, exhibitions and more. But more importantly, Wonder puts people at the heart of the thinking and is truly audience-first at every stage of the campaign planning cycle and delivery.

    We are pioneers in connecting businesses to the people that matter most to them.

    Wonder is proud to be a leader and global B2B experience pioneer. We work with some of the most forward-thinking and innovative brands worldwide and have been named Conference Awards ‘Best Event Agency’ and CN Agency’s ‘Agency of the Year’. We take a holistic view of what connects people with business and how to engage audiences around the world successfully.

    We move at the speed of modern business, which allows us to be agile when reacting to ever-changing and evolving ways of working. This agility means we implement an integrated approach to B2B and B2E marketing to create the next generation of people-centred campaigns.

    We do this by helping businesses think differently about how they connect with the people that matter to them.

    We are powered by possibility.

    The restless imagination at the heart of Wonder drives us to challenge the status quo creatively and to question the traditional ways of thinking and doing.

    That’s why we begin every opportunity by simply asking ‘what if?’ What if we saw audiences as people, not just attendees? What if we asked new questions instead of giving old answers? What if we created meaningful brand worlds, instead of generic events? What if we embraced culture, instead of living in a B2B bubble?

    This has inspired three core pillars of our business that focus on; New ways to do business; New ways of working; New ways to educate and entertain

    The changing world of B2B Marketing

    As we move into a new era of business experiences, it’s more important than ever to enable fresh ideas and engage in new and unexpected ways. If necessity is the mother of invention, then change is the engine of process.

    We are here to help you bring your B2B, B2E and sponsorship campaigns and activations to life through our whole-self design philosophy.

    As pioneers of whole-self design philosophy, we understand the blended priorities of people attending a B2B event. This means that the experiences we create fulfil delegates' professional and personal needs, which is vital when creating an experience that drives a more human-focused future.

    A global leader in creating and delivering human B2B experiences

    Pandemic pauses have led to B2B events being held virtually on computer screens, safety protocols keeping people at arm's length, and an unavoidable mingling of work and home lives. To reappraise the importance of community in the business world, it’s more important than ever to create engaging brand experiences that fulfil the new needs of business teams.

    In recent years, the people that function at the heart of businesses have experienced profound shifts over a short period. Still, we can leverage B2B experiences and events as an opportunity to capture people’s imaginations, meet their evolved expectations and forge lasting relationships that meet both business and personal objectives