IBTM World: Interview with Max Gethin

Max Gethin, Client Development Lead at Wonder and moderator Adam Parry, Editor at Event Industry News, kicked off the IBTM World Accelerator stage to discuss the key themes the events industry is facing now.

The Accelerate platform at IBTM World is designed to bring innovative ideas to the market through inspirational short talks that answer the key questions our industry faces.

Throughout the 30 minute interview, Max and Adam explored some of the most pressing issues in the events industry, shining light on the following:

- The evolved post-pandemic audience and why we must design experiences in line with new needs and expectations.

- Crafting 'more-human' product experiences that harness simplicity and clearly communicate value

- The key challenges brands are facing, such as sustainability, budget decreases and shrinking talent pools

- A look to the future: the trends for next year and where The Metaverse fits into all of this

You can view the full interview from 28th November 2022 here.