We've rebranded with collaboration at our core.


Nov 18, 2019

We're excited to announce we've rebranded – positioning creativity, collaboration and transformation at the heart of everything we do.

Our rebrand includes a new look and feel, complete with new website and refreshed creative identity, and is launched alongside the announcement of our European office expansion.

Playful yet sophisticated, our new identity toolkit is built out from our logo mark and includes a new secondary colour palette, dynamic patterns and graphic expressions that represent our tailored, adaptable and collaborative approach.

Working in partnership with design agency Studio Output, we've developed new branding to echo our values, approach and ambition.

At the heart of the rebrand is the introduction of a unique brand expression that holds creativity and collaboration at its core. The refreshed visual language communicates the unique moments of interaction, emotion and intrigue we create in partnership with our clients.

Introducing the creative springboard, 'A window to another world'.

Our new visuals celebrate the truly immersive experiences we create with our clients, highlighting the creative details and moments of wonder that make our work unique. The new digital language also nods to our ethos and culture, with a focus on partnership and creating a sense of wonder together.

We wanted to create an expression that showcased the life and energy that we bring to an experience while also reflecting our value for partnership, achieving award-winning work through a process of collaboration.

Tom Maxwell
Lead 2D Designer

In updating our website to become wearewonder.com, the rebrand also marks the launch of our new Amsterdam office this month with further expansion into key markets set for 2020.

Our Founder and MD, Ben Turner, also recently became co-founder of Future Live Today, a digital intelligence agency for events. Future Live Today’s mission is to improve engagement, facilitate meaningful human interaction and create the analytical infrastructure to ensure events can be measured in as much depth as digital marketing channels. This investment in digital strategy strengthens our holistic approach to events, providing the discovery and insight necessary to craft meaningful and authentic experiences.

Our new identity reflects our thought process and approach and, combined with our European expansion and partnership with Future Live Today, sets our agenda for the future.

Ben Turner
MD and Founder