Wonder joins forces with charity Switchback.


Mar 07, 2018

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about an amazing charity we recently began supporting, called Switchback. The organisation offers an intensive rehabilitation programme, helping young adult offenders make real, long-lasting change after their release from prison.This year Switchback celebrates 10 years of helping young men to live differently. Those who go through the programme are over five times less likely to return to prison than other offenders.

They focus on building meaningful relationships between Switchback Mentors and the Trainees. Having a trusted connection is key. It’s about maintaining stability and carefully nurturing a consistent way of life, whilst dealing with the inevitable ups and downs real life can throw at people.

The charity always welcomes help – whether people want to become part of the team, make a donation or become an employer champion – there are lots of ways to get involved. We love what they’re doing and how they do it. This, combined with the fact they're based in the local area, made them an obvious choice for us to work with.

Whilst financial assistance is of course vital, partnerships between businesses and charities are most effective when they also include other types of support. The WONDER London team are all keen to get involved; a big group of us will be going along to Switchback's base this month to see the work they do first hand.

We are really embracing this partnership and looking forward to developing a long-term relationship with Switchback. One that includes both financial assistance and hopefully more hands-on involvement.