The Drum: Creative Inspirations

The Drum asked leaders from The Drum Network to share their greatest creative inspiration, whether they're directors, designers, worldbuilders, artists, within the industry or beyond it.

  • Wonder's Strategy Director, Jonathan Izzard's creative inspiration came in the form of James Gunn, the force behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Guardians of the Galaxy movies and now the steward of DC Studios' output.

    It’s got to be James Gunn: the creative mind behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies, whose current endeavour as co-chief executive of DC Studios is to wrangle the superhuman mess that is DC’s cinematic output.

    He’s a creative polymath: screenwriter, musician, video game and movie director, drawing upon diverse influences. He gets his audiences; he’s clearly a fan himself. His deep knowledge, love and respect for comic book culture give him genuine authenticity and licence to act with meaningful passion. He’s got a steely creative conviction, quite happy to publicly defend difficult decisions like the departure of Henry Cavill as Superman. This approachability and openness are inspiring. Any creative can find inspiration in Gunn's honesty, credibility and creative bravery. He knows his stuff, he trusts his gut and he listens to others.