The Drum: Piloting a new agency initiative

Scott Micklethwaite, Managing Director at Wonder, gives an insight into how companies can pilot new initiatives in the workplace effectively...

  • Each week, we [The Drum] ask agency experts from across the world and the ad business for their take on a tough question facing the industry, from topical concerns to perennial pain points.

    Now businesses explore new ways of doing things – from HR policies to payroll provision, SAAS platforms to new workflows – all the time. But most organisations don’t just install new infrastructure and walk away – instead, they trial it or run a pilot, so that they can gather usable data and make an informed decision about how to move forward.

    Do you improvise and play things by ear? Go big or go home? Or use the scientific method, with control groups and set parameters? We asked experts from across the agency world for their advice.

    Scott Micklethwaite, Managing Director, Wonder

    If a business is truly engaged with its staff, a new initiative should feel natural to implement because it has already been discussed with people, formally or scientifically, and the decision for adopting change – or not – will be clearer because of consultation. We value the whole team’s opinion, especially those who will be impacted most by any change. So getting other perspectives is always a great benefit. We listen and make change if it feels right, hopefully making the business the best it can be for all of us.