The Drum: Six luminaries discuss if B2B is getting more creative

While in years gone by B2C may have been considered the source of some of marketing’s most memorable or emotionally resonant work, B2B is seeing an exciting revolution as (some) brands embrace creativity to connect with post-pandemic audiences. Wonder Founder and CEO Ben Turner speaks with The Drum Network to discuss why B2B is becoming more exciting and – crucially – more human.

  • Ben Turner, founder and chief executive officer, Wonder

    In the past, it’s fair to say B2B has been boring. But as the sector evolves, we’re seeing more B2B brands embrace creativity.

    Brands such as Google, which I’ve worked with for over 15 years, have always embraced a playful B2B approach. People have become more comfortable with the fun side of business due to the Covid-induced blend of home and work life. Building experiences around the post-pandemic intersection of work and life allows us to engage attendees progressively, as their whole selves.

    To maximise on this newfound hunger for mixing fun into business, we need to re-think, first, the value of events to B2B customers; second, how we communicate that in pre-event communications; and third, how the experience is adapted for the post-pandemic needs of our audiences in order to procure guests. This laser focus on audience expectations, priorities and evolved perceptions of value is vital in creating a new breed of fun B2B campaigns and experiences fit for a more human-focused future. With this in mind, B2B is becoming more human and less boring – providing a massive opportunity to connect with audiences in a meaningful way.