Wonder: B2B Marketing Agency

Wonder is a specialist B2B and B2E events agency. We strive to push the boundaries of what is possible across all business experiences and touchpoints through insight-led, audience-first thinking and delivery. Headquartered in London and operating all over the world, Wonder work with some of the most progressive brands including Google, Santander, Adobe and Canva.

  • We help brands connect with the people that matter most to them across every business touchpoint. From conferences and live events to staff engagement strategy, logo-to-live brand playbooks, sponsorship activation, exhibitions and more, we create and translate big campaign ideas into real-world experiences.

    As B2B event specialists, Wonder helps bring your customers closer to your brand, product and mission by creatively communicating your business message and driving tangible results. We challenge outdated perceptions in B2B marketing, leading with bold creativity routed in audience-first thinking. We do this by first wondering what’s possible before making it a reality.

    Wonder is a multi-award winning agency, having won numerous agency of the year awards including most recently winning Best B2B Event in The Drum Awards for B2B for Google Marketing Live.

    The B2B Landscape

    The B2B landscape is evolving… for the better. B2B brands are becoming braver with their marketing, creativity and brand. For years the marketing industry has been obsessed with B2C campaigns, content and brands. B2B has almost been forgotten, seen as the ugly duckling of the sector, but is that about to change?

    There’s a common misconception that B2B is niche, that it’s a smaller opportunity than selling to the 8 billion consumers that inhabit our planet. Well, nearly 40% of UK companies drive all (or the majority of) their income from B2B sales, in turn contributing £1.7 trillion (44%) to the UK’s turnover. In the US, this is an even more significant number.

    Take for example Google, Wonder’s longest-standing client. The majority of the population would consider Google a consumer-first brand, but in reality most of Google’s (many) revenue streams are derived from other businesses. Another example, AB InBev, the world's largest brewer. Though the product is ultimately bought and consumed by consumers, the beer giant almost exclusively sells to on-trade and off-trade retailers. Even major FMCG businesses such as Unilever or P&G sell their products by third parties, rather than going D2C.

    B2B is much, much bigger than anyone is led to believe. There is a major opportunity for B2B brands to do more and better marketing, that will win customers, elevate your market position and ultimately drive revenue.

    B2B Experiences

    Ironically whilst the pandemic caused all IRL events and experiences to come to a complete standstill, it in fact highlighted that meeting in person and creating real world human connection is imperative to relationship building and in turn, B2B business success. Whilst we certainly knew this pre-COVID, it took the absence of in-person events to make us appreciate how powerful it truly is.

    The post-pandemic era of business experiences is however, very different to the one we left in 2020. The pandemic fundamentally altered the behaviours and attitudes of our audiences, meaning that we too must alter our experiences. In particular, the merging of our home and professional lives changed the way we work, the way we think and even the way we show up to events.

    This means rethinking from the ground up, what we deliver to match these newfound needs. From format to location, number of attendees to entertainment, the keynote to breakouts, there’s a lot we can play to help brands meaningfully connect with the new, evolved audiences of tomorrow.

    To understand how Wonder can help you create meaningful relationships and accelerate prospects down your marketing funnel, contact max@wearewonder.com