+ BBC3

Creating a buzz for key influencers.


The Courthouse Hotel, Shoreditch



Event Type

Press Launch

Recreating the lavish lifestyles from hit TV show, Clique.

We worked with the BBC to launch their new drama series Clique, helping to create a real buzz before the launch amongst opinion formers across the media industry and press. Clique’s audience is predominantly 16-24 year olds, so we wanted to appeal to key influencers in that age group – including YouTubers and Instagrammers, future leaders and trend-setters.

We created our event with the BBC3 brand at the core – young, digital and ground-breaking, taking them on a teasing, two-part journey.

Before the screening, the invited guests found themselves thrown into the lavish world of the characters, with the event design and production nodding to the superficial allure of their lifestyles. After the screening, all was not as it seemed as the mood took a darker turn, mirroring the story of the TV show.

We’ve been really impressed with everything – from the initial proposal to the actual event. The whole event was really smooth.

Lucy Sadler
Corporate Affairs Manager

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