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Capturing the imagination at Bett.





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Exhibition Stand

Adding some Willy Wonka magic.

We’ve been collaborating with the Google for Education team on its British Educational Training and Technology (Bett) exhibition stand for the last six years, creating new and exciting spaces that draw in new customers and help retain existing ones.

The stand has to appeal to a variety of attendees (teachers, IT decision makers and children) and champion the collaboration between Google and their partners, positioning them as an integral part of the Google for Education sphere.

This year our Willy Wonka Factory inspired concept truly captured the themes of imagination, wonder and limitless possibility.

The overall design had an industrial feel with cogs, conveyor belts and fans, weaved throughout the stand, whilst the strong colour palette of the Google brand brought out a more playful side.

The stand also featured: a hands-on teaching area with live Classroom sessions; a teaching theatre featuring talks from Googlers, teachers and students; product demos showcasing Google for Education partner software on Chrome devices and two on stand meeting rooms for more private conversations.

Each year Wonder manages to improve on the creativity and execution they bring to BETT. This year was no exception.

Kate Howell
Product Marketing Manager
Google for Education EMEA

  • 12,500 largest footfall to date
  • 50% increase in footfall YoY

Our stand included

Product demos, teaching theatre, hands-on teaching area

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