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Launching the Pixel across the UK.


Call Centres


UK wide

Event Type

Educational Roadshow

Ahead of two consecutive global launches of the new Pixel phone, we were tasked by Google to create a series of events to inform and engage over 3000 call centre sales staff across the UK.

The interactive roadshows needed to create excitement around the launch, but also to demo and showcase the key features of the new phones, with a final follow up legacy piece to reward the sales teams for their support.

Visiting 11 locations over 14 days, our interactive roadshows featured three live event streams, highlighting the key features of the phone and celebrating the inclusive nature of the Google brand.

We installed a number of live demo pods in each call centre. This interactive space highlighted the key features of the phone and celebrated the inclusive nature of the Google brand. At the end of the tour, the Google team received great feedback from their retail partners, recognising the mix of quality time spent with their sales teams, the level of detail covered in the demos and the motivational nature of the activations. The launches successfully made call centre staff feel appreciated as the vital link between the brand, the product and potential consumers.

  • 3,000 call centre staff
  • 14 days
  • 11 locations

Showcasing the new phone

Demos and training

Linking the brand

To retail staff and customers

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