Vodafone at Glastonbury

  • Venue

    Worthy Farm

  • Location

    Somerset, United Kingdom

  • Event Type

    Sponsorship Activation

In 2023 Vodafone started its first year as the connectivity partner of the iconic Glastonbury festival, providing the telecom giant with the opportunity to connect with the UK’s largest festival audience at one of the most culturally relevant experiences on the global stage. Working in collaboration with lead sponsorship agency Fuse, Wonder provided a seamless design and production experience for 210,000 people who flocked to Worthy Farm. 

  • ( Challenge )

    Nowhere on Earth celebrates positive energy and the human spirit like Glastonbury. Every inch of the festival is buzzing and pulsing with life. It’s so much more than a collection of individuals; Glasto is a living, breathing event. Vodafone is now an authentic part of this occasion, and we needed to make sure every touchpoint carries this message of charged, pulsing positive energy through to the Glastonbury audience. 

  • ( Strategic Spark )

    Glastonbury’s carefully curated festival experience taps into the passions that make us human, and stimulates every one of the senses. As a sponsor, it’s essential to add to and emphasise the experience of festival goers, giving them the opportunity to maximise their hard-sought-after tickets. Our aim was to contribute to the experience and allow the audience to experience the cultural phenomenon with ease.  

  • ( Our Solution )

    Across two main sites, we offered festival-goers a space to recharge (their phones and themselves), providing people with much-needed power to contact those lost in the crowds. The Connect and Charge battery swap provided a vital service, minimising queuing and charging time as well as providing much-needed shelter and seating for weary legs. 

    The second site, the Vodafone Retreat, provided an elevated festival experience for Vodafone’s VIPs, offering a calm and premium oasis from the rest of the festival with comfy seating, shade, cold treats and a pampering station.