Wonder: Events Agency

Wonder is a specialist B2B and B2E events agency. We strive to push the boundaries of what is possible across all business experiences and touchpoints through insight-led, audience-first thinking and delivery. Headquartered in London and operating all over the world, Wonder work with some of the most progressive brands including Google, Santander, Adobe and Canva.

  • We help brands connect with the people that matter most to them across every business touchpoint. From conferences and live events to staff engagement strategy, logo-to-live brand playbooks, sponsorship activation, exhibitions and more, we create and translate big campaign ideas into real-world experiences.

    As B2B event specialists, Wonder helps bring your customers closer to your brand, product and mission by creatively communicating your business message and driving tangible results. We challenge outdated perceptions in B2B marketing, leading with bold creativity routed in audience-first thinking. We do this by first wondering what’s possible before making it a reality.

    Wonder is a multi-award winning agency, having won numerous agency of the year awards including most recently winning Best B2B Event in The Drum Awards for B2B for Google Marketing Live.

    B2B - We turn prospects into customers and customers into ambassadors

    Every B2B event is about moving customers down the sales funnel. Some customers may be at the early stage, where they’re just finding out about your brand, product or service. Others may be much further down the line and ready to purchase. As experience creators, we must reach all of these audiences in the right way, wherever they may sit, to ensure we’re maximising our investment.

    At the heart of every event or experience is the audience. At Wonder, we look at the audience not as delegates, attendees or prospects, but as people. People with a purpose and a reason for being at your event that we need to deliver on, whether it’s through thought leadership and knowledge sharing, learning about product features and applications or networking with industry peers, we craft experiences that engage with people.

    Our guiding philosophy of people-first experiences that harness the power of audience insight combined with the cultural context allows us to create tailored experiences for your audience. It ensures we deliver the right kind of messaging, content and experience.

    Take for example Google Marketing Live one of Google’s tentpole events that connect its marketing community. Underpinned by Wonder’s strategy of ‘whole-self design’, the event focused on how real human interaction can stimulate curiosity, creativity and community. The evolved interrelationship between work and life for audiences inspired our philosophy of whole-self design.

    This philosophy understands the blended priorities of people attending a B2B event. It ensures that experiences satisfy professional and personal needs, which is vital when creating experiences relevant to a more human-focused future.

    In practical terms, our strategy allowed us to be more playful with the perceived traditions of an event of this scale, adapting IRL experiences to meet audience expectations, whilst allowing guests to attend and participate as their whole selves. You can read more about the project here.

    B2E - We engage employees and transform how they think, behave and perform

    The pandemic acted as an atypical accelerant of change in many facets of life, with one of the major changes being in the form of work. New technologies, ways of interacting, collaborating and communicating were all adopted. Now in the resettled reality, businesses are reappraising the role of the offices and in turn, how they engage with their workforce. Where we were once (mainly) in the office Monday - Friday, 9-5pm social capital was built through hours of water-cooler moments, culture was built by serendipitous moments by the coffee machine and meetings were almost all in person.

    How businesses build relationships with their team, communicate key business messages and create a positive and productive culture is evolving. Whether that’s through large-scale conferences, in-office activations, comms campaigns or content, the pandemic has allowed us to rethink how we engage with our people.

    Take for example the internal staff launch of Santander Edge, the bank's biggest product innovation in a decade. Santander wanted to galvanise their entire UK staff behind the product and brand. The launch of Edge, which was a landmark moment for the business, needed to build excitement from call centres to retailers, head office to C-suite. It needed to engage everybody through a ‘for the people, by the people's mindset. So, we thought, why don't we actually involve everybody?

    To speak to the diverse audiences across the business a phased campaign that built intrigue and wonder ahead of the big reveal was created. Both a suite of physical and digital assets were strategically placed across all Santander sites in the UK, with comms campaigns, desk drops, graphics and more taking place in the lead-up. To celebrate the launch, people from every corner of the business contributed to the launch video. We empowered their workforce by giving them a central part in the communication strategy.

    To learn more about these projects and how Wonder can help you connect with your audiences, contact max@wearewonder.com