Wonder: Global B2B Events Agency

Wonder is a specialist B2B and B2E events agency. We strive to push the boundaries of what is possible across all business experiences and touchpoints through insight-led, audience-first thinking and delivery. Headquartered in London and operating all over the world, Wonder work with some of the most progressive brands including Google, Santander, Adobe and Canva.

  • We help brands connect with the people that matter most to them across every business touchpoint. From conferences and live events to staff engagement strategy, logo-to-live brand playbooks, sponsorship activation, exhibitions and more, we create and translate big campaign ideas into real-world experiences.

    As B2B event specialists, Wonder helps bring your customers closer to your brand, product and mission by creatively communicating your business message and driving tangible results. We challenge outdated perceptions in B2B marketing, leading with bold creativity routed in audience-first thinking. We do this by first wondering what’s possible before making it a reality.

    Wonder is a multi-award winning agency, having won numerous agency of the year awards including most recently winning Best B2B Event in The Drum Awards for B2B for Google Marketing Live.

    B2B Events

    The pandemic, whilst ironically halting all IRL business experiences globally and catapulting virtual events into the mainstream, clearly demonstrated that in-person, real-world human connection is paramount to business success. Building relationships in person always has, and will always be, the most effective way to connect and do business.

    The B2B events landscape, however, has evolved. We’ve seen a profound change in the B2B world since the pandemic. Once upon a time, travelling 5,000 miles from London to San Francisco for a two hour meeting was commonplace, but today our priorities have shifted. Globally we have developed new habits, formed new behaviours and created new ways of communicating, collaborating and consuming content.

    Evolved audiences

    At the heart of every experience is the audience and it's essential that we have a clear understanding of who they are and what they need from our experience. But these audiences, people, have fundamentally changed over the last three years. The inescapable blending of professional and personal lives through the pandemic has changed the way we work, the way we think and the way we even show up to events.

    Globally, audiences have reappraised what their priorities are, professionally and personally, and as experience creators, we need to ensure we meet these evolved priorities and expectations. The value exchange between brands and audiences has evolved and to meet the newfound, blend of professional and personal priorities, we must design events with these in mind. We call this principle “Whole-Self’ Design. Events and experiences built around the needs and expectations of a modern, evolved audience.

    This means creating experiences that don't just share insights but encourage active discovery. Not just scheduling time for networking, but engineering moments of togetherness. Knowing that transactional value works harder if we also provide emotional meaning.

    Google Marketing Live

    Google Marketing Live is one of Google’s tentpole events that connect its marketing community and was the first B2B event Google delivered in person since the pandemic. The event needed to connect and resonate with an audience that had seen so much change over the last two years.

    Underpinned by Wonder’s ‘whole-self design’ strategy, the event focused on how real human interaction can stimulate curiosity, creativity and community. Whole-self design understands the blended priorities of people attending a B2B event. It ensures that experiences satisfy professional and personal needs, which is vital when creating experiences relevant to a more human-focused future.

    Practically the strategy allowed us to be more playful with the perceived traditions of a B2B experience of this. It enabled us to adapt the IRL experiences to meet audience expectations, allowing guests to attend and participate as their whole selves.

    You can read more about the project here and see the case study video here.

    To understand how Wonder can help you create meaningful relationships and accelerate prospects down your marketing funnel, contact max@wearewonder.com