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The rebrand is launched to global stakeholders.





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B2E Conference

In 2019, BT Global Kick Off unveiled the technology leader's newly refreshed branding for the first time in an event environment.

We needed to create the ultimate showcase of BT's new era, launching the rebrand to 1200 important global stakeholders. As the event only occurs annually, it was an important opportunity for BT to provide a platform for their new CEO and discuss important future strategies. The space needed to transition over the course of the event, evolving around a shifting agenda, but keep BT at the heart of everything, elevating the new branding and values of the company.

We designed and delivered the three day experience from head to toe.

The experience included one plenary, multiple breakout environments, partner booths, and main BT hub – accompanied by three evening parties and entertainment to help everyone unwind. Clever lighting and graphic elements bought the new BT vision to life, kept the energy of the event high but also maintained an intimate vibe.

  • 1200 global stakeholders
  • 3 day conference one plenary, multiple breakout environments and partner booths

Rebrand revealed

Branding used for the first time in an event environment

Setting the sales strategy

An event platform for BT’s new CEO

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