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The power of change.




Birmingham, UK

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Global brand launch

Using the power of change to energise a global audience.

Our challenge: A new dawn.

BT wanted to use its rebrand as a moment of transition from a much-loved phone company to a leading tech brand of tomorrow. The new brand triggered a cascade of new solutions, values and mindset that they wanted to communicate as one. As the experience creators, we were entrusted to turn this moment into a celebration of what was to come.

Strategic spark: Brand world.

Rooted in BT’s band and communications was the idea of a world of solutions open to everyone. The experience they wanted to create needed to be driven by the rebrand but with a depth that showcased every part of who they are. We focused on developing a live experience that allowed their audience to go beyond the brand to discover their brave new world.

Our solution: Logo to live.

We produced BT’s first playbook on how to bring their new brand and capabilities into reality. What started as a logo was translated into a living brand world that their audience experienced across a three day multi-environment-event that aligned, informed and empowered their community. It was the beginning of something new that would define the next chapter of their story.

  • 1200 global stakeholders
  • 20% increase in YOY attendee survey score

Rebrand revealed

First event to feature the new BT brand

Setting the sales strategy

An in person platform for BT’s new CEO

Open, honest, straightforward, challenging, supportive and able to deal with anything!

Chris Lindsay
Head of Global Marketing Hub & Digital

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