+ Vodafone

Connecting a global workforce.


Vodafone HQ London


London, UK

Event Type

Employee Engagement

Creating people first environments to connect a global workforce.

Our challenge: Question everything.

Vodafone wanted to create an employee engagement experience that gave their global workforce a platform to be heard. They wanted to construct a series of on/offline spaces that felt welcoming, safe and cohesive to encourage natural conversation. Any comment, thought or question was welcome as they explored what it was to work at Vodafone.

Strategic spark: What if?

We needed to build a hybrid experience that dismantled the barriers between them and us. Executives, managers, and assistants all needed to have an equal voice in order to drive the business forward. So, we asked ‘what if?’ at every part of the process. What if it felt like we were all at home together? What if the conversation was the conference? What if everyone was heard?

Our solution: Space to be.

We developed an experience format that made people feel comfortable both physically and mentally. We did this by building a simple home environment that was used as a canvas for a series of emotive, thought provoking questions that stimulated thinking, interaction, and debate. The space wasn’t the hero, the people in it were. Sometimes the most powerful experiences do not have flashy or complex builds, they use space to allow the audience to take centre stage.

  • 1 week hybrid residency
  • 30 markets live stream
  • 18,000 daily attendees live and online

Empoyees takes centre stage

A more connected, confident and caring global workforce

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