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ExCeL London


London, UK

Event Type

Exhibition Stand

Designing a canvas for true brand expression to live on.

Our challenge: Standing out.

Canva for education chose BETT, the world’s biggest education show, to launch their first stand experience. They had a digital brand built on visual design that needed to transition into a physical environment that educators would want to explore.

Strategic spark: New rules.

Sometimes the best ideas are there, right in front of you. When designing a stand for a design platform the pressure was on. They know design inside out, and they have the tools to create a visual language that was completely ownable. So instead of creating something new we needed to create a canvas for Canva to play on.

Our Solution: Designed by Canva.

Instead of approaching the design process in our normal way we embraced the brand by using their online tools to create a stand experience that was 100% Canva. We kept the stand structure simple, natural and clean to allow us to apply their bold and colourful graphics, created on Canva, to deliver visual standout.

Our approach of embracing their values and using their design tools meant the end result was an experience designed by, well them.

  • 1000+ leads
  • 500+ product demos
  • 150 meetings

Education debut

Successful launch of Canva for Education

From digital to physical

First IRL activation in EMEA