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Articulating a refreshed relationship with creativity.


ExCeL London


London, UK

Event Type

Exhibition Stand

Designing a canvas for true brand expression to live on.

Our challenge: Reignite BETT.

Two years after a hugely successful introduction to BETT audiences, a lot had happened. Canva wanted to reintroduce itself to attendees in a memorable, meaningful, brand-appropriate way. Bringing to life the creativity, accessibility and sustainability that are all so core to the company, whilst showcasing its updated brand palette.

Strategic spark: A Refreshed POV.

It wasn’t just Canva’s look that had evolved - most importantly, after two years of lockdown living, many of its audiences had a new appreciation for the platform. We wanted to make BETT 2022 more about doing than showing, helping those people that had already started their journey with Canva feel more confident with the tools on offer.

Our Solution: Refreshed Creativity.

True to Canva’s sustainability credentials, we chose to reuse and renew their preexisting set, not only incorporating the updated brand, but giving it a suite of more interactive audience elements across the build. A clean, modern, inviting set - designed and positioned to maximise attendee footfall and engagement, leaving them feeling both excited and enlightened.

  • 9th/400 most visited stand
  • 2000+ leads captured
  • 27 new accounts signed on-site
  • 100+ countries met with

The most sustainable Canva event to date

With over 65% of materials re-used from 2020 or recyclable