Google Cloud NEXT London


    ExCeL London


    London, UK



It takes a village to showcase the future of Cloud, today. Google Cloud NEXT London is the annual flagship event for Google Cloud – a global exhibition of inspiration, innovation and education.

Designed to help shape the future of the cloud, the event brings together industry pioneers for an itinerary of keynotes, breakout sessions, codelabs, training – and the opportunity to network with Googlers and their partner ecosystem.


  • ( Challenge )

    The possibilities of the Cloud are endless; it exists everywhere, but is physical nowhere. We were challenged to build an experience that showcased what Cloud would look like in the real world, helping guests navigate the complexities and capabilities of a platform built for everyone.

  • ( Strategic spark )

    We needed to give Cloud a physical home that was rooted in reality. To do this, we focused on creating a humankind of Cloud that was instantly recognisable no matter where you came from, but could easily flex to accommodate every part of what the Cloud can do.

  • ( Solution )

    We gave Cloud its own London-themed village across 50,000 sqm of ExCeL. Every deliverable was repackaged as part of a village, allowing the Cloud to become a physical experience for guests to explore. From town halls to indoor parks, the village square, and even a pub were constructed to not only entertain delegates, but to help them navigate the vast experience.

    As with any village, our environment was designed to encourage conversation, networking and community, all key parts of what makes the Cloud what it is.

Dream Big

The largest audience Google has ever hosted in EMEA.

( Results )

You delivered the biggest Google event in EMEA! It has truly been a groundbreaking event and would not have happened without you.

( Executive Producer, Google )