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Engaging Adobe's Experience Makers.




Virtual Experience

Event Type

B2B Conference

Using an evolving visual narrative to inspire creativity through change.

Our challenge: Never stand still.

Having taken their Experience Makers event from a live ‘in person’ experience to a digital broadcast, Adobe challenged us to create an event identity to inspire the next generation of Experience Makers. They wanted an ownable identity which would evolve over 2 months of curated social media content, email invitations, digital platform design, web assets, animations and event content.

Strategic spark: Picture power.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then how much can we say with many pictures? We realised that we could create forms with character and personality by using the wealth of Adobe shapes, colours, patterns, and textures. These could move, interact and animate over time to tell meaningful stories which evolve across different digital landscapes.

Our solution: Identity with soul.

We worked with Adobe to storyboard a full narrative to describe just what can happen when Adobe products and creative minds meet; an unboxing of a ‘pandora's box’ of creative tools and assets that interplay and combine with the ‘creator’ to create unique and groundbreaking experiences. We translated this story into a bold key visual which developed over time, through animation in 2D and 3D to inspire Experience Makers of the future.

  • 250+ Deliverables designed
  • 1 million People targeted

Two month online residency

An evolving URL experience reaching Adobe's key markets

Global creative application

Across all digital, animation and a 3D virtual environment