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From URL to IRL.

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Global Live Brand Playbook

Creating the template to replicate the extraordinary in real life.

Our challenge: Guide & inspire.

As Europe’s most valuable fintech, Klarna’s success is mirrored by growth in new markets, with B2B - through real world activations - increasingly important to building partnerships.

However, subjective creativity across markets had led to inconsistency when bringing the brand to life IRL. We needed guidelines to help both inspire markets’ creativity, without diverging from what makes the Klarna brand so unique.

Strategic spark: Clarify the abstract.

Much of the challenge for those activating the brand came from its approach to audience engagement, which informs a look that is equally intriguing, arresting and, at times, indefinable.

For us, the key was breaking down Klarna’s language to classify and crystallise the way the brand should look and behave IRL.

Our solution: Living the Dream.

This process led us to ‘Living the Dream’ - the creative distillation of the Klarna Live world - a carefully constructed ‘abstracted reality’, upon which we could base our Klarna Live Playbook.

The final document is a deep and detailed resource encompassing colour palettes, composition, materials, furniture, lighting and much more.