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Bringing Android’s code to life.




Berlin, Germany

Event Type

Enterprise Summit

Building a physical expression of code to drive loyalty.

Our challenge: Cracking the code.

Android’s goal was to create an authentic environment that represented the very core of the brand in a physical space. All tech conferences follow the same formula to ‘educate, excite & inspire’. We were entrusted to wonder what else was possible by elevating our experience beyond the traditional.

Strategic spark: Right to the core.

What sets Android apart from its competitors goes right to its core. Their code is their differentiator, their DNA, the part that makes them, and the partners that use it, stand out. We needed to pull the code to the forefront through a physical articulation that reminded their partners why Android was the platform for them.

Our solution: Created in reality.

To reimagine an experience from a digital beginning was a delicate challenge as we were working with an iconic brand that their partners loved. We started by exploring the intricate shapes, rhythms and combinations of their code to produce a visual and physical language. We used this to create free flowing spaces, stages, and product moments that inspired connection, conversation and discovery.

There wasn’t one defining element, it all fitted together like the perfect line of code to create a conference like no other.

  • 100% target attendance
  • 300+ key partners
  • 1200+ quality meetings

Android DNA

Increased platform understanding

Partner Affiliation

Reinforcing Android as partner of choice

When I work with Wonder I know the production of my event will be flawless. Every event we've done together has set the bar higher for future events.

Elyse Seigle
Android Partner Events
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