ExCeL London


    London, UK


    Business Experience

  • ( Challenge )

    The education market is an essential playground for Canva, both commercially and culturally, as it seeks to empower the next generation to create and design anything, anywhere. In 2024, we needed to create an experience that injected excitement into the show, whilst delivering the brands biggest exhibition experience to date.

  • ( Strategic Spark )

    To shift audiences' perceptions across the education ecosystem from seeing Canva as a creative tool for specific occasions to a practical, inspirational suite for everyday teaching, we wanted to place the products in situ, and where better than the school itself?

  • ( Solution )

    An abstract school environment split into three core areas to educate, connect and give back to the audience.  

    The Staff Room - a space where educators received inspiration from Canva's huge library of lesson content, allowing them to practice the platform's various tools and chat with the Canvanauts on hand. 

    The Classroom - a theatre for learning, giving the stage to Canva experts who presented to new audiences in an engaging, creative space, where content - as is Canva's mission - breaks out beyond the computer screen. 

    The Canva Print Shop - an opportunity for audiences to grab a piece of personalised swag and to showcase Canva Print. Each person was able to try the product and take a meaningful physical memory home.

    All of this was realised in Canva's customary creative style, empowering productivity and creativity at one of their most successful experiences to date.