ExCeL London


    London, UK


    Exhibition Stand

  • ( Challenge )

    The education market is an essential playground for Canva, both commercially and culturally, as it seeks to empower the next generation to create and design anything, anywhere. In 2023, we needed to create an experience that injected excitement into the show, whilst remaining faithful to the brand's sustainability credentials.

  • ( Strategic spark )

    For Canva, collaboration needed to be at the heart of the Bett experience. We saw this as an opportunity to co-create with the audience, allowing them to contribute to the experience and take away something of tangible worth from the brand. An engaging moment that provided audiences a clear and relatable value exchange.

  • ( Solution )

    Central to the stand was the mural wall, live-curated by a Canva artist. This illustrator creatively conveyed the community’s messages throughout the event, allowing people to be part of the experience and its longtail output. As takeaways, people were given the opportunity to get professional headshots - a digital-first item of genuine worth that audiences could take and use anywhere. On-brand, of value and on-point from a sustainability perspective: the perfect experiential balance for Canva and its audience.