Google for Education


    ExCeL London


    London, UK


    Business Experience

  • ( Challenge )

    In 2024, we needed to showcase Google for Education's ever-evolving credentials within the EdTech sector, engaging with different Bett target audiences in meaningful, engaging and exciting ways.

  • ( Strategic Spark )

    A journey through the past, present and future of education, thanks to the magic of Google. We wanted to emphasise and celebrate the success of teachers and educators using Google for Education products to enhance the teaching experience and importantly, champion tomorrow.

  • ( Solution )

    The Google footprint at Bett spanned three areas to connect directly with people at all stages of their education journey. 

    On-floor - driving brand awareness and engaging new prospects. The experience was split into two key areas: content and demos. The content space consisted of a stage set which provided talks and insights throughout the live days whereas the demo space allowed people to get hands on with the products and chat with the experts on hand.

    Off-floor -  driving conversations and deeper understanding. The activity hosted in the Capital Suites above the expo floor took the form of a journey through the past, present and future of education through the eyes of Google and its innovative tools and thinking. Purposefully framed as 'Yesterday', 'Today' and 'Tomorrow' - a more human and less distant expression of time - enabled Google to show how its products have developed over the years and even clarify just how long AI has already played a vital role in their products.

    Off-Site - driving commercial sales. Hosted at the Google office event space in London, we crafted an entertainment and networking experience. The space facilitated conversation, allowing Google teams to forge deeper relationships with customers and prospects into the evenings.